"traaittCASH is a highly scalable, secure and optimized cryptocurrency network, providing low fees, worldwide transfers and ecommerce integration by accepting payments in traaittCASH at literally no cost."

Its network structure is aimed at faster distribution and transaction speed.


traaittCASHs total supply is 88,744,000.

traaittCASH aims at a lucrative price structure and faster distribution

Emissions Speed: 25 with a block time of 144 seconds

Emissions Curve: Non-linear to eliminate disruptive halving events

Reward: initial reward, 0.23, slightly decreasing over time

traaittPlatform is a cryptonote currency with ring size transactions e.g mixing, which anonymizes the transactions made. We are currently working forward the goal to achieve highest privacy possible after initating the network structure.


Windows (GUI)

Windows (CMD)

macOS (GUI)

macOS (CMD)

Linux (GUI)

Linux (CMD)

Checkpoints TBU


Milestones and Roadmap
March 1st
  • traaittCASH network initation
  • activation
  • traaitt.CASH activation
  • traaitt.CASH cmd edition initate
March 7th
  • traaittCASH Interface activated Github Release
    • remote node traaittCASH client
    • supported public nodes accepted
    • fast chain syncing & coinbase transactions available
    • two different design modes with later update
Future Roadmap
  • traaittPlatform & traaittCASH Gateway for store integration
    • traaittCASH integration papers
    • aggregation for interested partners.
  • traaittCASH online cash gateway
    • exchange cryptocurrencies into traaittCASH
    • secured creditcard payment with PayPal
  • traaittPlatform user-friendly service*s integration
    • traaittCASH online wallet.
    • iPhone application development
    • Telegram Currency Service